Small Wonders

Macro photography is reproducing a subject five times life size or larger on the film frame. Finally, I have found my passion, photographing insects, flowers and plants. This requires developing the long lost quality of patience, for I had to position equipment and my physical body to capture the moment.

Notice the soft colors of that dreaded garden pest the spit bug, so small the average person never look beyond the substance which remarkably resembles human saliva.


Another known pest to all, the gnat: when peering through a macro lens, one discovers the intricate structure of the wing. It appeared to me to resemble lace with iridescent colors, sparkling as the rays of the sun passed through.

One of my favorite flowers is the orchid. Looking closely, notice the inside. I see what appears to be a woman's head sporting a pageboy hairstyle, over  her torso she wears a jacket and tie. Her arms takes on the appearance of angel's wings. Encompassing is her tongue, thus the title of the photo, "A women's tongue"

It is awe-inspiring. Please enjoy some of these small wonders of Creation.


How I survived my first day of blogging


The photograph featured as my masthead is where everything happens, my excitement, my inspiration, my creativity, my many conversations with the insects, birds, and the flowers. But today I want you to peer into my world as one being introduced to blogging.

It all started this month when Egmont van Dyck, a blogging consultant  presented information, along with a tutorial on creating a blog site at our last local art group meeting, the El Cerrito Art Association. That evening I left filled full of excitement and thinking I should have a blog and even though I had taken many notes, I had written way too fast, thus sadly I must say most were illegible due to my scribbling, therefore a call to Egmont.

First day of blogging

May 17: A Tuesday, my second day of being introduced to blogging started. My mind was fresh, I had a good breakfast and so I was ready and excited to begin a new venture. Egmont arrived with commuter and notebook in hand along with a piece of blueberry cake, which I devoured that night, being mentally exhausted though thoroughly satisfied.

The session began, I was enthralled in a world of creating a blog. I was captivated by all the new terms I was learning, my eyes were transitioning from one browser page to another and back again, when instruction from Egmont became that instructional manual you try to read and understand, then apply without much success, because the mind goes to overload. But I was determined, my hand took copious notes, though once again some not so legible. My mind looked like, if you could visualize a fine piece of machinery being turned on for inspection, it was smooth but exciting, like watching fireworks for the first time as a child. Trying very hard to coordinate my hand and mind, I settled down to a delightful session.

May 19: I awaken excited to see if Egmont's skills produced my Blog as anticipated.  My site was up and running. I retrieved my notebook and navigated to my site. My eyes saw it, my heart received it and skipped several beats. Their appeared my blog with the shot of my garden where I alluded to at the beginning of this post; where everything comes alive, my inspiration, my creativity, my conversations with the insects, birds, and flowers. Thus ends my first post on ‘How I survived my first day of blogging.’