Small Wonders

Macro photography is reproducing a subject five times life size or larger on the film frame. Finally, I have found my passion, photographing insects, flowers and plants. This requires developing the long lost quality of patience, for I had to position equipment and my physical body to capture the moment.

Notice the soft colors of that dreaded garden pest the spit bug, so small the average person never look beyond the substance which remarkably resembles human saliva.


Another known pest to all, the gnat: when peering through a macro lens, one discovers the intricate structure of the wing. It appeared to me to resemble lace with iridescent colors, sparkling as the rays of the sun passed through.

One of my favorite flowers is the orchid. Looking closely, notice the inside. I see what appears to be a woman's head sporting a pageboy hairstyle, over  her torso she wears a jacket and tie. Her arms takes on the appearance of angel's wings. Encompassing is her tongue, thus the title of the photo, "A women's tongue"

It is awe-inspiring. Please enjoy some of these small wonders of Creation.


lifecaptureupclose said...

I am so glad you shared your wonderful and exciting small wonders of joy with me. It is a wonderful experience to travel to new heights that's where you can be free to be creative. Thank's for your beautiful and awe inspring nature of beauty.

anneata said...

You have such creative ability. Just to look for these wonders of creation takes patience. Thank you for exposing those of us who do not get a chance to see these insects up close and personal.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sharrony, I truly appreciate your deep peircing eyes of just wonderful wonderment of beauty. Keep doing what you do with out your talent the world would truly miss awesome nature. Our hat's are tip to you and the photography arena. Thank You

Yours truly
Lorinda Breazell